You Also Made Me A Happy Camper – email from a customer that bought last fall

Mike, I just wanted to tell you again thanks for helping me into that 2011 hitchhiker last fall. I know you are in the business to make money, and I am sure you did, but you also made me a happy camper. We really enjoy the 6 months of the year we are in our hitchhiker. As I walk around the campground or drive down the road, I am constantly reminded that I have the prettiest /best rig that I see. In this time, it is refreshing to encounter someone that will put the customer first in the transaction. Remember, you repaired my rig when a tire lost its tread in less than 100 miles. You didn’t have to do that. I share that and other info often. Thanks again and if I can return your favor, let me know. Joe T.

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