Versatility and Comfort in a Volvo RV Hauler

Travel with everything you need with this used 2008 Volvo D 16 hauler for sale here at Kansas RV Center. This pre-owned model is in excellent condition, so you can get the same amazing hauler for a much lower price than you would pay new. You’ll love the versatility you can enjoy with this multifunctional vehicle! Check out the top 3 ways you can use this hauler to get to your next RVing vacation.

2008 Volvo D 16 Hauler
Check out this amazing used 2008 Volvo D 16 Hauler!

1. Towing Your RV

The most obvious function of this Volvo D 16 is to tow your RV. Offering the best in towability means that the large size and heavy duty towing capacity will easily be able to tow the big, luxury fifth wheels and travel trailers on our lot. Take ultimate comfort on the road with this incredible hauling vehicle.

2. Bring a Car Along

The design of this Volvo hauler is such that it will not only have a large cab and the ability to tow, but it will also have a space perfect for carrying a Smart Car. Located right behind the cab, this platform will easily fit your Smart Car, so once you reach your destination, you will have a vehicle for driving around. Plus, since it is a part of as opposed to towed behind the hauler, you can simply drive it onto the platform and never have to worry about it again.

2008 Volvo D 16 Hauler Interior
Enjoy the extra living space inside the cab.

3. Extra Living Space Inside

When taking long term trips, you may need to stop to sleep for the night in places where you cannot hook up your RV. Luckily, this hauler comes with an extra living space inside the cab where you can sleep, eat, and relax for short amount of times. Find an extra bed, booth dinette table, plenty of storage, a fridge, and a microwave for the perfect small home to provide short term comfort on the road.

As you can see, this used 2008 Volvo D 16 hauler is versatile and comfortable to help take care of every aspect of your RVing trips. To learn more about this beautiful, pre-owned model, be sure to contact us to stop by our location today!

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