Toy haulers or Crossovers or Hybrids?

Call them what you will, but without question they have evolved.  What was once a weekend and vacation trailer for diehard “sand dune” four wheeler enthusiasts and cyclists on extended adventures has evolved into many other uses.  At Kansas RV Center we are amazed at the many uses customers have planned for their new “crossover” 5th wheel trailer.  Most popular seems to be using the crossover trailer’s cargo area as a major bunkhouse for kids or grandkids.  Or as a place to “hang out” during the day or evening.  A way for Mom and Dad to have some “space” to themselves, while the kids play, watch TV or sit on the deck.  Pets and small children can be contained by the screened deck with awning for shade.  Lots of bicycles can be carried to the RV destination.  

We see people who have show dogs realizing this is the perfect vehicle for their use.  Many pipeliners and “oil patch” employees find the Crossover Hybrid the right trailer for carrying tools and four wheelers used in their work.  And they enjoy the ability to spend time outdoors with friends after work.  Displaying and transport of art or sales samples has always been a use for crossover trailers.  And some Snowbirds just like the garage for use in the Winter for Dad’s place to putter or work on his hobby after removing the bikes.  Of course there is still the use of the toy hauler to transport the Harley’s and the four wheelers.   But the industry is beginning to get away from the word toy hauler, because there are now many uses for this vehicle limited only by ones imagination.

Kansas RV Center specializes in high end Crossover/Toy Hauler 5th wheel trailers as well as conventional high end 5th wheel trailers.  The Voltage has been an exciting brand and we are now adding Cyclone and Road Warrior brands to our “Toy Hauler Row” indoor showroom.  Most of our 12 display units will have large refrigerators, generator, multiple TV’s and air conditioners and be equipped to handle extreme temperatures for those who live in them during the Winter.  

Only 90 minutes from two major interstates, customers can take as much time as desired viewing features of 30’ to 42’ floorplans at different price points when they visit our showroom.  With the free RV park two minutes away, visiting Kansas RV Center is convenient and a mini vacation in a small Eastern Kansas 

town.  Two day financing and delivery is available and trades are welcome.   The toy hauler concept continues to evolve, and Kansas RV Center is committed to helping customers make a wise recreation investment.

Mike Mitchell


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