Top New Features on the DRV Mobile Suites Fifth Wheels

The DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheels have always lived up to their name as luxurious homes that boast outstanding features that are hard to come by in fifth wheels. These trailers have always been for those who are really serious about the RVing lifestyle and want to make the open road their home base. 2017 models are coming out now and DRV Mobile Suites have even more features to get excited about. Check out these top 3 new features of the DRV Luxury Suites that you have to look forward to.

DRV Mobile Suites
Beautiful and versatile – the DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel


Power Recliners – Everyone loves getting out into the trails and really experiencing nature, but when the sun is going down and the fire is out, people want the same thing, a little comfort to fall back on. These new power recliners on the DRV Mobile Suites are full theater seat recliners that are fit for a king.

Folding Chairs – In the bedroom when you are taking off your old, dirty clothes, no one wants to sit on the bed. Additional seating and a little extra space is provided with these folding chairs that allow you to stow them during the day and take them out when you need them.

Power Awning – Of course, a power awning is not a new feature, but the extras that have been added onto the awning are. Full power dinette awning with weather-shield means that this awning can withstand harsher weather, harder winds, and still keep you dry and safe.


So much is coming down the pipeline with DRV that it is hard to pick just three, but these are some exciting new features that can really change the way that you road trip. If you are interested in seeing more for yourself, get driving directions to our dealership so that you can come by and see them for yourself. Or, if you have a question, just contact us and we will hook you up with all of the DRV Mobile Suites information that you could want. .



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