This HitchHiker Unit is INCREDIBLE in cold weather!

Below is a testimonial for those who consider our older pre-owned HitchHiker products.

I have written a previous article this past summer after I purchased the 2001 Premier LTD 31 RKTG from Mike but I cant find it. I really want to let everyone know how my 2nd trip in cold weather went. So here you are from my experiment trip for my camper to see what it would do:

I went the 1st week in November to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to 11 Mile Reservoir, about 8600 Ft. in elevation. I wanted to test out everything I had read about NUWA Hitchikers and it was fantastic!! I went from Monday – Nov. 4th through Sunday – Nov. 10th.       What an INCREDIBLE UNIT!!!!

I filled my clean water tank and tested everything the whole time!

Tuesday night at 2:00 AM (middle of the night) it was 4 degree’s above zero and Wednesday night at 2:00 AM it was 7 degree’s above zero. Nothing froze, all water systems worked, could have taken a shower, etc. Everything I expected from a high quality American product….


We felt visitors to Kansas RV Center would be interested in the above comments, which were used with permission of the NuWa Owners Forum member.  – editor

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