The Hard Choice: Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel?

Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

Which way do you go when you need something larger and more comfortable than a tent,  but don’t really want to make the jump to a motorhome?  You have a few choices, two being travel trailers or fifth wheels.  There are benefits to both of these types of RV’s and many things to consider.  This brief overview of each type will help you choose which is right for you and your family.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are great for families.  They are pulled behind your car, SUV or small truck and won’t require you to buy a new, fancy (expensive) truck to pull your travel trailer.  If you are a weekend warrior, having a RV you can pull behind your current vehicle is a plus.  Travel trailers also priced lower than fifth wheels and generally allow better fuel economy.  If you plan on having your RV parked most of the time, a bonus for the travel trailer is that it’s all one level-no steps or stairs once you are inside.

Travel Trailers are great for the weekend warrior.
Travel trailers are great for the weekend warrior.


Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are great for the seasoned RV’er.  They tend to be spacious with more living area and taller ceiling heights. They are a more solid towable in terms of towability as there isn’t any “trailer sway” leading to a more stable ride.  The fifth wheel also presents itself as a shorter pull, even if it measures the same length as it’s travel trailer counterpart,  because of the overhang area over the truck bed.  The fifth wheel RV also tends to have the ability and space to include more luxury items such as large flat screen TVs and even a fireplace!

Spacious fifth wheels are great for seasoned RV'ers.
Spacious fifth wheels are great for seasoned RV’ers.


Whether you are a beginner in the RV’ing lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, the choices are abundant when it comes to the amenities on  either a travel trailer or a fifth wheel.  Let us help you choose which RV is best for your traveling needs.  Contact us today to get started.




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