Shop By The Floorplan Style That Fits Your Needs

Oftentimes when you are shopping for a new RV, there will be certain qualities and amenities that you want. Luckily, we have a simple way that you can find every single model that fits those needs. By going to our search page and clicking “Floor Plan Styles”, the drop down list will show specific features by which you can search our products.

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Some of the floorplan styles you may be interested in are as follows:

  • Bath and a half:  RVs with bath-and-a-half are relatively new to the industry. Thanks to innovative floorplans and engineering, RV designers have found ways to add the additional half-bath to RVs without losing the much needed living space that’s important in every vacation space. Oftentimes, the half bath will also feature exterior access to make it easily accessible to guests without everyone having to walk through your RV.

    Bath and a Half Floor Plans
    Accommodate more people with a bath and a half.
  • Bunkhouse– Bunkhouse sleeping quarters are a very popular options larger families and those who take the entire gang along on camping trips. The bunkhouse space may include twin-above-twin beds, but often you’ll find a twin-above-queen beds for even more comfort and space.

    Bunkhouse Floorplan
    Have additional sleeping space with a bunkhouse!
  • Front Living Room or Kitchen– In Fifth Wheels, a front living room is often an intimate and cozy upstairs lounge with a full entertainment center and a couple of sofas.  This floorplan is popular among those who use their RV for entertaining, tailgating, and such.  Just as the front Living Room uses the entire end of the RV, so does the front Kitchen layout, providing more cabinet and counter space than most standard kitchens located in the middle of the RV floorplan. An additional island or peninsula countertop can create additional seating as well.

    Front Living Room
    Find a spacious desing with dual opposing slides in front living room and kitchen floor plans.
  • Kitchen Island– Having a kitchen island will give you more meal prep space. Plus, with the addition of a few bar stools, you can create extra seating space for meals.

    Kitchen Island
    A kitchen island adds more prep and eating space.

There are so many other floorplan styles that you can pick from like whether or not you want an outdoor kitchen or two entry way doors. Check out our search page and play around with these styles, so you can find the RV that fulfills all of your desires. You can also contact us to learn more about our new and used RVs, or just stop on by our location and take a look at them for yourself.

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