We were so impressed

It was a pleasure to do business with your company. We are first time 5th wheel purchasers. We purchased the HitchHiker Fifth Wheel LS 32.5UK. I didn’t have time to check this email until we got back. I find it interesting we purchased the coach you recommended prior to our trip.  We were so impressed with the NuWa company. I saw a Champagne and HitchHiker unit 8 years ago at the MN State Fair. I was so impressed with the products that I started researching online about NuWa Industries. Then went to the competition around this area and researched them. I went back to your website numerous times over the last 8 years knowing someday I would purchase a 5th wheel (when my husband decided he was too old for backpacking). Now we are retired, this unit will be our short term home while our house on our ranch in Idaho is built. Idaho is cold snowy country. It will be used to visit the grandchildren and see the country. The way your company treated us was wonderful. We felt like guests. Ed’s concern for our concerns, product knowledge, patience at our many questions and explaining first to me and then to Craig the many aspects of NuWa’s products. We were more than impressed.

Lori advised on color sample and made samples available so I could see them in the unit and make choices I would be happy with. Kiz helped us with the many times as well.

You need to know we tried to find used HitchHikers in this area. There are 2. Not refurbished or certified. We Are So Glad we made the trip to Kansas! During financing when our bank looked up the blue book resale value, found it was over $37K and the selling price was $30K approval for our pre-approved loan was immediate. They told us we got a great deal. Insurance was just as impressed. Needless to say, we were elated. What a value we got! We look forward to coming back and picking up our 5th wheel. The laid back attitude and helpfulness was so kind and thoughtful. Each employee we met, looked and acted as though they truly enjoyed their job. We felt part of a family. Thank you for company’s courteous, considerate and professional employees. I went to the parts store and received explanations for the many items on sale there. I can see I will be spending more $$ in the store to further outfit the unit.

Vicki & Craig W. from Minnesota

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