New “Faces” in our showroom!

As the new year has arrived, there are some new “faces” to view in our huge showroom at Kansas RV Center.  Let us tell you about the new brands being added to our extensive lineup of 5th wheel trailers to provide more choices for our local and national customers.

First of all, an “atta boy” to our sales staff for helping Kansas RV be one of the top three dealers in North America for the DRV/Mobile Suite products.  This brand continues to perform, and buyers have learned they can receive a combination of “low hassle” purchase and delivery experience with competitive prices, fair trade allowances and superior service after the sale no matter where they are when in need of assistance.
Joining the the DRV/Mobile Suite and Lifestyle trailers in our showroom are five new brands, all chosen by our CEO based on total value created by exceptional manufacturer support, quality and reliability of product, and price to features ratio.  Each product was chosen based on an opinion of exceptional value for the price point of the trailer.  And these brands will provide more price point, weight and length choices for our many 5th wheel customers.  More detailed explanation of each of these brands can be found by clicking on the menu under New 5th Wheel,  “Why we sell these Brands”.  But here is a brief description of each:

For awareness the Lifestyle trailer is being completely redesigned to be more production efficient so price can be lowered at the same time it receives more standard equipment including full body paint.  It will also be reduced in weight versus previous models.  The value will be visible when this new trailer is inspected. It will have an asking price around $12K less than a similar length Mobile Suite.

In the “high end” price range joining our Mobile Suite and Lifestyle is the new Riverstone from Forest River.  Priced similar to the Trilogy that has been discontinued by Dynamax/Forest River, the Riverstone is a full body paint, widebody trailer with few options, it has a thicker sidewall and insulation value and has a contemporary residential interior cabinetry design.   Models are limited for now. and at 15,000 lbs in weight, it is designed for today’s 350 trucks.  We believe it’s long list of standard features and construction design create the value our full timer customers seek.

Next in price comes the Sequoia by Redwood.   This attractively priced trailer has many of the construction features, cabinetry styling and standard equipment features of the Redwood, but at a lower price point.  And this is what will give evidence to the exceptional value of the Sequoia.  Lighter in weight than the Riverstone this value filled trailer will meet the needs of many of our customers at a lower cost than our other high end brands.

A new and exciting “find” is the Vilano by VanLeigh.  A new manufacturer with the experience backing of a very well known motorhome manufacturer, this trailer will introduce some firsts in the 5th wheel segment borrowed from the motorhome segment.   Very competitively priced but well equipped, this trailer in our opinion is the most similar in quality and value to the HitchHiker we have found.  Models are limited for now, but the 325 becomes the shortest quality trailer we have identified in the marketplace. Take a serious look at this new trailer, which “exudes” value for its cost.

Because of its price and features and floorplans, the Oakmont by Heartland was invited to join our family of 5th wheel brands.  Priced below the Vilano, it provides a lot of square feet for the cost and the floorplans are exceptional in our opinion.  Our models may cost a bit more than other dealers selling the same brand, as we tend to equip all trailers with the suspension and options which add value for buyers.  The brand proves that one can still buy a lot of features and good design for a reasonable investment.

And last but certainly not least is Heritage Glen by Forest River.  Under the Wildwood brand “umbrella”, this product is amazing in its ability to provide so much value for the cost.  Lots of family oriented floorplans are available and we will have most of them in stock.  We will tend to upgrade the options of this brand, to minimize the errors made by so many less experienced buyers attracted by dealers, who inadequately equip these lower price point brands to keep price down.  Instead Kansas RV will equip them as truly needed to create greater long term value and a more positive user experience for our buyers.

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