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We’ve got over 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and selling RVs, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what customers want. We have put a lot of thought and consideration into our inventory and have carefully selected only the industry leaders. Our dealership space is valuable, and so is your time, and we don’t want to waste either with low quality RVs.

Only those brands that have been finely engineered and meticulously designed make the cut, because we’re not just selling to anyone at Kansas RV Center, we’re selling to the best customers in the country and you deserve the best brands in the industry.

Just what sets a brand apart from the rest and makes it one that we’re proud to carry? For starters, it’s not about price, it’s about value. We select brands that stay ahead of the industry, brands that seamlessly blend tried and true design with innovative ideas. Because creativity goes a long way in the industry, but so does knowing when to leave well alone, and it’s no easy feat to balance the two.


Popular with full-timers, the DRV series of fifth wheels offers unsurpassed beauty in a impressively engineered package. Starting from Day One, every feature of this lineup is built with the highest standard of construction and design. Having built quite a reputation for producing fine quality fifth wheels, DRV leaves little to be desired — simply no space is overlooked. Tested to endure subzero temperatures and constructed on a rubberized suspension designed to eliminate the axles, the DRV series of luxury fifth wheel affords travelers four seasons of adventure surrounded in the finest of residential touches. This lineup is a moveable five-star retreat, and one that we take a lot of pride in introducing to our customers.


For the last 40 year, NuWa has manufactured the HitchHiker fifth wheel lineup. Now owned and operated by NuWa, we proudly continued the tradition of producing this impressive fifth wheel up until about 10 years ago. In that time, we learned all there was to know about the HitchHiker fifth wheel lineup, and have since moved on to carry the largest selection of NuWa HitchHikers in the country. Every NuWa that comes through our dealership goes through a meticulous refurbishment process, in part because our customers deserve the best the industry, and in part because we believe the NuWa HitchHiker lineup is just that.


A newcomer to the luxury fifth wheel market, the Alpha lineup impresses from production line to sale signing. Lighter than the DRV lineup and available at a lower price point, the Alpha still offers four-season travel but in a half-ton towable package. Tastefully decorated and built on a “in house” produced frame, the Alpha’s manufacturing process is overseen by an experienced staff with a keen eye for design. We enjoy showing off this lineup and foresee building a bigger relationship with the manufacturer in years to come.


Bigger, better, and more luxurious, the Forest River family has taken up a bigger piece of the luxury fifth wheel pie. We’ve enjoyed watching the manufacturer continue to innovate year after year and are proud to be able to offer this finely engineered lineup to our customer. With it’s durable construction and timeless decor, we trust this lineup to be a part of your family’s memories for years to come. For many of you, the brand already is, as we see many older model Forest Rivers on the road to this day. That reason alone is enough to proudly carry this beautiful lineup, the beautiful decor and quality construction is really just an added bonus.


When we talk about choosing brands that have balanced innovation with tried and true standards, the first name that comes to mind is Trilogy by Dynamax. It took some time for the manufacturer to work out the kinks of their design, but man have they nailed it. Beautifully appointed with the features travelers truly want in their fifth wheel, the Trilogy by Dynamax has made quite a name for themselves in the industry. While we’d love to freeze the design process so we could carry this pristine model longer, we are excited about the future of the brand in the years to come.


Adventurous and rugged, our offerings of toy haulers has been smoothed out over the last few years thanks to the introduction of the Cyclone, Road Warrior, and Voltage lineups. Powerhouses in their own rights, these stunning toy haulers have taken charge of the industry and set the bar high for other brands to follow. Equipped with powerful garage spaces and affording travelers a luxurious living space, the versatility of these beautiful fifth wheels are simply unsurpassed in the industry.


One of the few luxury fifth wheels that’s towable by a half-ton truck, the Sunset series is an always-reliable lineup for travelers looking for exquisite design without getting caught up in the price tag. High-end features tastefully fill the space while a powerful frame and a full workup of safety features leave travelers with few worries. And with its luxuriously appointed furnishings and fine decor touches throughout, traveling in the utmost of elegance is just another day on the road in this lineup.


Palomino nailed it when naming their Travel Trailer offering. Agile and absolutely beautiful, this travel trailer is made to move. Well-priced for its generous appointments, the Puma by Palomino makes no reservations about its strength. With its residential furnishing and well-thought out floorplans, this trailer has become a popular model for families looking for fun-filled adventure, as well as couples looking for a romantic escape from it all.

Interested in learning more about the brands we carry? Visit our Chanute, KS location today to discover these and our vast selection of used inventory.


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