It is so refreshing…

Good morning,

I wanted to thank everyone at NuWa / Kansas RV Center that helped get our unit shipped out. I have seen time and time again over the years where we as an industry are immune to delays, wrong parts and damaged items and we continue to expect our customers to just tolerate it because “it is what it is”. It blows me away how many of our orders we receive weekly fall into this category, so I wanted to thank you all so much. It is so refreshing to call a vendor, explain what we need, get pricing, place an order and get the right part the first time, on time, not damaged and at the price we were quoted.

Many times I spend my days apologizing to customers and trying to restore credibility for situations that are well outside of our control on behalf of people that just don’t care. It is truly an honor to get to work with you folks that are obviously industry professional that just get it done. Our customers were extremely distraught that they had wrecked their RV on the first leg of their vacation, however collectively with your help we were able to minimum their stress and get them back on the road in better than pre- accident condition. A genuine thank you on behalf of myself and Orangewood RV Center, please keep up the great work. Please share with EVERYONE involved, they deserve to know their efforts are appreciated and make a difference in the RV community.

Brad 0.

(This testimonial came from another dealer that purchased an RV from us for their customer – Editor)

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