Is Driving To Kansas to Buy Your RV Worth it?

Yes it is.  Customers from all over the U.S. and Canada come to Kansas to buy their RV, and typically save more in the total experience and long term cost of ownership than it cost them to make the trip.  

The reason is most likely a combination of the value of the products we sell, combined with the added value of what we call “customer care.”  The “customer care” culture of Kansas RV Center has evolved for years, and staff members continue to pleasantly surprise customers, by proving a knowledge of product and service issues and by showing a genuine concern for the customers desire to simply make a wise investment.  Whether buying a new or used 5th wheel, or just having service done to a unit bought elsewhere, Kansas RV Center staff continues to earn the respect of those who experience this unique dealership culture for the following reasons, which add value to the unit and the relationship.   

1.  Price of product.   

Kansas RV Center offers very competitive prices for new high end 5th wheels and has confidence in its ability to re-sell “refurbished” trades at fair market prices, which means a willingness to allow more for trades.  Our business model calls for lower selling prices for new and used units and higher trade allowances for high end 5th wheels, which typically saves our customers more than the expense of their trip to Kansas to pick up the trailer.   Many of our transactions and trades are made via email or phone.  Sales staff is trained to be the “eyes and ears” of a potential buyer and to become their “personal shopper”.  There are times potential customers take our offered price and invite others to “beat it”.  Though that may sometimes happen, the value that is added by our “culture” will be most likely lost when they search elsewhere for price alone.  


2.  Our focus is on “High End” 5th wheels. 

Our market is nationwide because the focus of our business is “high end” 5th wheels.   We cater to those who are serious RV’ers.  35 years of manufacturing background and servicing of high end 5th wheels provides a unique culture, and customers have learned that we respond to their needs, wherever they are; quickly, courteously and professionally.   We have large buildings and several brands of high end 5th wheels are displayed inside.  Sales staff is trained to help the customer make a wise investment and there is no “smoke and mirrors” or “high pressure” atmosphere.  We can bring customer’s truck and trailer inside even to the extent they can transfer belongings from one unit to another inside during inclement weather.  Upgrade components and suspensions can be installed quickly and affordably.   Cabinet experts who can customize the interior of most trailers are employed and our décor department has many choices of furniture to satisfy individual tastes.  We have a frame shop that can do anything to repair a steel frame or upgrade or replace suspension components.  Basically we’re a “one stop shop”, which is one of the unique values to full timer/extended user customers, who are making a large investment and need to know they will have the ongoing support of ownership they deserve.


3.  Service Support wherever you are.

Many customers return to our central U.S. location periodically for warranty, maintenance, or major damage repairs, because they know they will be taken care of quickly, right the first time, and the cost will be significantly less than having work done elsewhere.  This culture adds value to the customer, who is searching for genuine guidance during the purchase process or reliable answers and action after the purchase.   We have been taking care of customers “from a distance” for years.  Staff understands “all things 5th wheel”, and is used to meeting the demanding expectations of the “extended use” 5th wheel owner.  During the sales and service process you will always be speaking to someone, who very much knows the product and how you intend to use it.  We’ve designed and built and repaired 5th wheels for many years and little is beyond our ability to repair.  A manufacturing background gives us the experience of how to meet the service needs of customers of all brands, when away from our location.  We know how to guide the customer in troubleshooting of components, and how to bring the manufacturer of the trailer or the component “into the loop”, so our customer receives the service attention and action deserved.  


4.  Choice of products to be represented.  

When Kansas RV selects a brand of product to represent, we are looking at it differently than most dealers.  Staff is far more interested in the “substance” (structure and functionality) rather than the “first impression”.  It’s what we call substance over superficial.  A manufacturing background provides the experience of what to look for when we visit the manufacturing factory where the product is made.  This “selection” of products, which “stand out” increases the confidence and value to those who purchase a 5th wheel or toy hauler from us.   Our focus is not on price, but instead on value, which is the proper measuring tool of a wise investment. 


5.  Reasonable Transparency of the purchase process.

We treat customers as we would want to be treated.  Thus the terms “reasonable transparency” of the buying process is often mentioned.   “High end” customers are more experienced and knowledgeable of what is a fair transaction of trade and purchase of a new unit.   Many salesmen quickly lose credibility by either failing to know the product or making statements, which put into question their genuine concern for the customers “best interests.  Thus we provide far more information to buyers out of respect for their intelligence and RV experience.  They leave our facility knowing they made a very fair transaction and investment.  A favorite saying for us is “a good deal is one both parties would do again”.  And that is a goal with customers, as we want them to return and to send their serious RV’er friends to Kansas RV .  


6.  A large selection of late model used 5th wheels

We take a lot of late 5th wheels on trade and many are high end 5th wheels.  Both facts benefit the used unit shopper, who wants a late model or quality unit, on a less than new unit budget.   Whereas most dealers are not very successful at taking late model trades (because they won’t allow enough for the trade), at Kansas RV Center we have learned how to fairly allow for the high end and late model trade, because we have such a good market for them.  The result is a large selection of all price points, but especially a good selection of refurbished and late model 5th wheels at reasonable prices.   The refurbishment process used by Kansas RV Center on “more mature” used 5th wheels is so greatly different than that of most dealers who typically check utilities and then sell “as is”.  We do a $500 to $800 “reseal job” on many older used trades to ensure they will perform for many more years.  As well, minor and major repairs and component replacement are made as needed when diagnosed during a 25 point inspection process.   The value of a used unit purchased from Kansas RV Center is typically several thousand dollars greater than one bought from a consignment dealer or someone’s front yard.  


Is it worth the effort to buy online from Kansas RV Center or to drive to Kansas to view, purchase and pickup a new or used 5th wheel?  The ones most qualified to answer this question are those who have done so, and we hear from them continuously with praise for staff in meeting “reasonable expectations” with courtesy and skill.   


Authored by Mike Mitchell on behalf of staff of Kansas RV Center.


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