I think we found your 5th Wheel! Introducing the new Alpha by Lifestyle RV

I think we found your 5th wheel! Though Kansas RV Center specializes in larger, heavier, quality built 5th wheels for our full timer/extended use customers, we know that not everyone is a buyer for Mobile Suites, Lifestyle, Voltage, cyclone or Trilogy brands.

Customers continue to ask for a lighter weight, shorter 5th wheel with the exceptional quality and floor plan livability for which the HitchHiker was known. They realize that this unit will have a necessary cost to meet expectations, but know the greater investment will be recovered with the increased pleasure and reduced frustration, and later when the trailer is sold or traded. Well, I think we may have found your unit, as we’ve researched the available products from all manufacturers, visited the factories to view the production processes and eliminated those we refer to as “high end wannabees”. Few manufacturers truly understand the combination of lighter weight, “true” four season capability, extended use practical livability and long term product reliability, which will meet the expectations of the experienced 5th wheel RV’er. Two out of three characteristics are not sufficient.

Lifestyle RV does understand this, and has just introduced the Alpha brand name (they purchased the name), which meets our standards for construction and insulation and quality cabinetry. Important to us is the frame made by Lifestyle, instead of one made by one of the mass frame suppliers. The underbelly and insulation of the Alpha are done more like the Lifestyle, and cabinetry is identical.

While other brands tend to “cut corners” in these areas so important to reliability and minimum maintenance, Lifestyle has wisely adhered to the standards used in their top of the line Lifestyle brand, which is gaining in popularity as people become more familiar with this relatively new manufacturer. Most features demanded by full timers are standard equipment in the Alpha and Kansas RV adds the dual pane windows and upgrade suspension features we have learned are important for our customer.

The first Alpha has arrived at Kansas RV Center, and is displayed inside our showroom at a price $10K under the Lifestyle price point. A neat rear kitchen model will soon follow. And we anxiously await additional new models, which will earn the respect of our customers.

Consider the new Alpha product, which we believe will earn the respect of extended use RV’ers.

Mike Mitchell, CEO, Kansas RV


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