I can’t say enough

I’m sure there are some complaints that come your way through these emails. Rest easily. This one is anything but that.

On July 9th, as we were stopping at the RV park in Chanute for a couple days, I went to the 5th wheel to begin unhitching only to hear the smoke alarm going off inside our Hitchhiker. I opened the door to the 5th wheel to find it filled with smoke. I closed the door and called the fire department. Upon their arrival they searched through the unit with their heat sensitive camera and found that there was a smoldering fire in the wheel well. A spring had broken at one of the wheels and the wheel had rubbed through the metal liner of the wheel well and burned through the body of the underside of 5th wheel.

While everyone was milling around, your company president Neil Ford, and product engineer, Brian Hardin, arrived on the scene to ensure that we were all right and had a place to stay while repairs were being made. Brian then personally undertook to assist in rapid temporary repairs of the unit so that we could get on our way. New springs were installed by Young’s Welding and temporary repairs were made by one of the production techs.

Brian contacted the local Firestone store and had a tire sent overnight so that we were back on the road the next day.

I can’t say enough for Brian’s actions and the personal service we received because of his actions. While others in the RV industry seem to ignore customers after the sale is made, this and other actions by your service department in previous times have proven that you are willing to go the extra mile to see that we can continue on our travels.

Hooray for Brian and for a system that encourages this and appreciates the needs of their customers.

Jon F.

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