Great job by Mike in Service (residential refrigerator install)


I hope you receive this email because I want to let you know how great it is to work with the fine folks at Kansas RV Center.  We began experiencing problems with the Norcold Model 1210 refrigerator in our trailer, and decided to have a residential unit installed by the folks here in Kansas rather than trust a local facility in the Dallas/Denton area to either repair or replace it.

Daryl Dennis was kind enough to help schedule us for the upgrade in a timely and convenient timeframe and a fella by the name of Mike (who has been with ya’ll for 21 years) performed the work.  I am a dedicated do-it-yourselfer simply because I have been let down so many times by the quality of work that has become so commonplace today.  I knew this job was more than I could handle and from my past “great” experiences with Nuwa I knew I would be happy with the result and I truly am.

I have built furniture as a hobby and built my own home, but I could not have done as good a job as Mike did on the refrigerator installation.  It does not look like the retrofit it is and no one would know he had to redo the cabinets to make the install.

I could not be happier. He did everything I could imagine and answered every question I had.  He was courteous and professional and made this entire experience another great one for my relationship with your company.  This is our third Hitchhiker and could not be more pleased with our decision to buy and make it our full-time home.

Please know that every person I talked with in the service department and in the parts department (as I picked up some “extra stuff”) treated me more like an old friend rather than a customer.  This includes Verna at the front desk.  Please let everyone know how happy I am to continue my relationship with ya’ll.

Rick and Marilyn B.

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