Finding An Internet Connection While Traveling

internetIf there’s one thing people depend on it’s the Internet. From researching local tourism to keeping in touch with relatives the Internet makes life a whole lot easier. One of the most common questions new RVers ask is how they will be able to access the Internet while traveling. Thankfully, we see advances in technology on a nearly daily basis, which means you don’t need to worry about getting access to the Internet while traveling.

1. Find A Cafe | Many local coffee shops have free wi-fi for patrons and provide a comfortable environment to bring your laptop, sit down, and surf the net. Try visiting these local gems, grabbing a treat or a cup of soul warming coffee and hunkering down in a cozy lounge chair. Who says going online isn’t an event? It’s important to remember that many of these connections are public, which means data you transfer can be seen by others who might be looking for it. While this sounds scary the real reason to remember this is just so that you remain careful.

2. Use Your Phone | By purchasing an unlimited data plan on your phone you can stay online wherever you are without having to rely on the Internet connection of local restaurants and cafes. And, if surfing on your phone doesn’t appeal to you you can always upgrade your plan to include a “tether” option, which essentially means it sends out a wi-fi signal that your computer can pick up on. The best part of using your phone is that you don’t have to stop driving to get online and, with many companies offering signal boosters (check with your company) you’re likely be able to access the Internet in spots where connectivity might be minimal.

3. Choose An RV Park | Choose an RV park that advertises either free wi-fi or a business center that allows you to hop on one of their computers and quickly check your email. If the only option you have is a “business center” be careful to not leave your email up, log out of everything you sign into, and keep private information private. Sometimes wi-fi connections at campgrounds can be a little weak. By purchasing a wi-fi booster you can help alleviate the frustration of being “out of range” by increasing you computer’s ability to detect wi-fi from far ranges.

As you can see staying connected while traveling isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. The options available are sure to appeal to the range of RVers out there. Whether you’re more private and enjoy using the Internet in your own space, enjoy checking out local cafes or dives, or want to park yourself as if you’re truly at home you’ll find a way that works for you.

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