Dutchman Voltage V3970: A Feature-Packed Toy Hauler

Taking your toys with you is a big part of the reason you RV, right? It is for just about anyone who owns a jet-ski, motorcycle or ATV. There’s nothing like unloading your favorite off-road vehicle and spending a day or 2 getting the lead out, and feeling the adrenaline pumping! Within the last few years, fifth-wheel RVs with a special garage section built into it have become increasingly popular and we see them on the roads just about everywhere we go. The┬áDutchmen Voltage V3970 Toy Hauler is one of the best available, due to its features, quality and dependability.

dutchmen voltage

At 44 feet long, this fifth-wheel provides a wealth of features that your family and friends will love! How many times have you seen an RV with a patio? Once you’ve pulled your toys out of the garage bay, you’ve got a great patio with a built-in awning to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. But, that’s not all! You’ve got the option to lower a set of chairs with a table or another bed to increase your sleeping capacity. Talk about smart design! There’s also a gasoline tank for you to keep your toys gassed up all weekend. You don’t see that everyday!

A spacious bedroom with a 72″ x 80″ residential-style king sized bed, a leather L-shaped couch and love-seat means that comfort is in no short supply with this beast of a fifth-wheel. A 160 gallon fresh water tank means you can spend some time away from the campsite and boondock for a few days. By utilizing the massive pass through storage, there’s enough cargo space for you and all of your traveling buddies to bring whatever it is they need for the trip.

Pass-through storage, an LED tv, stainless steel appliances and sleeping capacity for 7 of your closest friends and family means you’ll love taking this RV out on the road and putting it to the test.

Drop by our showroom and take a look at the Dutchman Voltage V3970 in person and see if it’s a fit for you and your family.

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