DRV update from Mike Mitchell including new Tradition model

I just toured DRV’s production facility and inspected their new models, especially the new “Tradition” model, which is a lower price point trailer introduced last week at Elkhart’s “Open House”.  As in earlier DRV factory visits, I was impressed with the frame design, construction, methods of insulating and protecting tanks, and the focus by production staff on creating a quality and reliable trailer.  With a manufacturing background, as I review someone else’s trailers I tend to see things that many people don’t notice.  DRV is good enough to respect that fact, and is interested in my suggested design and construction thoughts.   

I believe the Tradition will be a very popular product for our Kansas RV customers.  It combines the important characteristics of reliability and quality, lighter weight, and lesser cost.  As well, I see them moving in the direction of shorter full timer trailers with great livability, which was lacking in their previous model years.  

I returned to Kansas RV Center from the Open House show with a new 34’ Mobile Suite.  Great floorplan and great look, although not light or inexpensive.  But it will serve well the full timer/extended user who simply wants a quality trailer in shorter length; something which NuWa/Kansas RV Center understands very well.  

All of the newly re-designed DRV products look good and have superior fit and finish.  I predict they will do well in today’s baby boomer market, and we at Kansas RV Center are building our inventory of this product in anticipation of continued growth in sales.  

We will typically display 10 DRV models in our indoor showroom at Kansas RV Center, as we understand that people need to be able to see the many models they offer.   If you are considering an upgrade to a new and/or larger trailer, the Mobile Suite, Estate Suite or Tradition are worth considering.  Kansas RV Center will provide service to these trailers with the same “customer care” philosophy that has been provided to HitchHiker owners for years.    

Mike Mitchell


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