Complete mind and sensory overload!


We have made it back to Tucson, and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in Chanute picking up our new “home”. We are more than pleased with the excellence of service and quality of craftsmanship of your employees.

From the minute we arrived in the morning to meet with the staff and get introduced to our 5th wheel, until the end of day when they helped us get to the park for the night, it was a completely mind and sensory overload! The experience was better than anything we could have imaged.

Jerry and Rick did a wonderful job of explaining all the features and options in a very knowledgeable manor. They answered all our questions (even if they might have been silly) with patience and professionalism. They didn’t rush us, and made us feel that we were the most important part of their job that day.

Meeting Kiz was like meeting a friend. She is so organized and ready to handle anything with ease. Our paperwork with her was a breeze since we had taken care of most of it by e-mails. Each time we walked in the office the following two days she would happen to be at the switchboard and she always greeted us by name and helped us get to the people we needed to talk to if she couldn’t help us. I’ll bet she’s the one in charge of organizing the wonderful and complete manual that was given to us.

And Lori your decorator was so sweet to me and took care of my changes of the interior that my “OCD” personality could not handle. I didn’t realize there were mini blinds in the Kit & Bath, so I am having them changed out along with the “frilly” curtain in the bath! I knew I couldn’t live with them, even if she thought I might have been a little over the top, she took care of everything professionally.

I’m sorry to say we forgot the name of Jerry & Rick’s supervisor, but he was extremely helpful with getting Nitrogen in the tires. I know he went out his way to help drive our 5th wheel to the dealer who did it. Since Don hadn’t driven it but 3 times around the block, he definitely was not confident in trying to get in a tight space. He also did it with a cheerful face and didn’t make us feel as we were putting him out (it was a very tight spot!)

On our way home we had a malfunction with hydraulic back leveler. It had rubbed against the frame and a hole resulted with a loss of the fluid. We were able to talk with RV and he put us at ease that as long as we didn’t use it we could still travel. He immediately let us know that NuWa would cover the expense of having it fixed. He talked us through how not to use that one. It was a good thing we hadn’t planned on unhooking for the night. And the positive spin on this he walked Don through the process of taking it off and getting a new one, and putting it on right so it shouldn’t happen again. Don is very capable of fixing things, but it was so nice to have RV walk him through things without making him feel inadequate.

Again we can’t say enough about your staff and quality of your factory. We have definitely been telling everyone at each of our stops about the wonderful experience we had and we are sure none of the other manufactures do this remarkable job. Of course we are proud when we have stopped and people come up and ask to talk about our new 5th wheel. It really is a standout with it’s unblemished newness!!!

Last but not least I want to thank you for all your patience to my sometimes never ending e-mails (like now) and your personal attention to our purchase. Your professionalism and work ethics are truly the reason you have a successful company. Also the respect all your employees have for you. We could feel how much they enjoyed working there and as you know this helps to put out a superior product. We will certainly be one of NuWa’s biggest supporters. (I took many brochures to hand out!!!!!!)

Thank you again for making this experience one of the best of our lives.

Pat & Don B.

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