Alfa’s New Revolutionary “Side Hauler” Toy Hauler

Alfa’s new “Side Hauler” Toy Hauler is now available at Kansas RV Center.  You have to see this to believe it!  Watch this quick video that shows how to load your Harley into the glide out “garage” on these new Alpha Fifth wheels (click on video below).


Alfa1  Alfa4  Alfa2  Alfa3

To view units in inventory click “Toy Haulers” in the Menu near the top of your screen, and then click on Alfa.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call as we are really excited about the Side Hauler concept and we are keeping several units on order and expect to usually have several in stock!

Finally a manufacturer has designed a 5th wheel toy hauler which does not reduce interior livability for toy space. Most toy haulers have only a sofa and dinette and the living area is necessarily smaller to allow for the larger garage areas desired. And the units are necessarily longer to provide the garage area desired by many families with large or multiple toys. This is fine for the family with children or grandchildren who spend much of their time outside enjoying their toys. But for years we’ve heard requests from our “mature” users of high end 5th wheels for a trailer that can carry just one full size motorcycle and not sacrifice the livability they desire for “extended stay” use. Most ask if they can carry their full size bike on a Hydralift mechanism on the rear of the trailer as done on motorhomes. But this doesn’t work on 5th wheels, due to the stress the weight of the bike creates with trailer in motion. Finally the unit that perfectly meets the needs of the couple who still want to take their full size motorcycle with them has been developed. And Kansas RV Center recognizes the benefit of this niche market trailer.

The concept is relatively simple, however the key is the exclusive mechanisms for loading and unloading the bike and the ability to provide the strength in the frame and glide room to support this weight. By simply “deepening and lengthening” the entertainment glide room, the space for the bike is created in the unused space behind the TV. A door accesses the storage area from inside, and another from outside. The design offers three important options, which all make sense for our “couples” who are what we describe as “extended stay” RV’ers. One choices is a bunk room arrangement, provides space for three children or grandchildren for those who travel with kids or live in their trailer and need the livability provided by sofa, two recliners and dining table as well as large kitchen. Another choice is the “garage concept”, which provides a hobby room or storage area for those who need it when SnowBirding. Nine feet in length, it could house Kayaks, or bicycles or other hobby items that typically must be left at home. And of course the main use will be for the full size motorcycle, which can be loaded by one person using the motorized ramp and cable system that is safe and easy to operate.

Kansas RV Center is impressed with Lifestyle’s design of their new 3905SH Side Hauler model.  Check our inventory page (Click Toy Haulers in the menu above), and be sure to call, because these are proving popular at the shows we have displayed at.  Viewing the bunk model will help one recognize the design and benefit of this new product. Understanding the importance of suspension reliability of such a design, the unit will have 8K axles and “H” range tires to better support the increased weight of the bike or garage.

This niche market is exactly what so many couples have asked us for in the past years. Here’s your chance to have your “cake and eat it to”. A “normal” interior livability combined with a very workable way to take you motorcycle or hobby equipment with you.


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