A nice letter from a customer that used our Service Department instead of doing the work himself


I own a 2006 29.5 LKTG LS HHII, which I purchased in 2010 from the widow of the original owner, William S.  I am forever pleased that I purchased this HitchHiker over many similar, non NuWa units that were available to me at the time.

William took the unit from Connecticut to Alaska, and I have added three round trips to the West Coast during my ownership.  I perform much of the maintenance work myself and appreciate the fact that your unit is sturdy.  I have owned other mid-line trailers in recent years, and am more than pleased with what I feel is the superior construction quality that I find in your unit.

In June I spent a week at your factory having a few adjustments and maintenance items performed, and having your staff repair damage which I created to the stairs and doorway area.  Because of the quoted repair cost, I seriously considered making a summer project out of the repair work.

That would have been a serious error.

Daryl Dennis and Rick Nesbitt explained, in detail and with great patience, what work was involved in making the repair, and I realized how complex and lengthy was the task that I would face alone.  They “sold” me on their services and I am most pleased that they did.

While at your factory, I met and got into a conversation with Lori Reinhardt about the (hated) metal blinds that are in our unit.  Lori measured and provided a complete set of specs to the manufacturer and a complete new set of day/night blinds have been shipped to my home.  I am looking forward to installing them as soon as my family lets me bring the unit home from Cape Cod.

It was more than comforting to know that, because of Lori’s effort, I should be able to drop the blinds in place – and provide my family with a more elegant interior.  My compliments and appreciation to Lori.

While I was at your factory, your Parts Store staff was most helpful.  I came home with a number of items that I needed – items that were not readily available at other stores.

And finally, Russ Herron walked me through an upgrade possibility.  His proposal was interesting and fair, but not enough to shake the trees at this time.  However, I can assure you that he will be my first contact should I reconsider.

Best Regards,



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